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Variation of Contract notice of requirement…




Records, Information and Notification


Following a recent variation to our General Medical Services contract, Warders Medical Centre are obliged to provide the following services to their patients by 31st March 2015:


Summary Care Record (already in use)

When there is a change / update to the information included in a patients medical record, a summary of this information is uploaded automatically on a daily basis to the Summary Care Record using the approved systems provided. If you have written in and asked that your data is not included in the upload then your medical record will have been coded accordingly.


Electronic transfer of patient records (already in use)

When a new patients registers with Warders Medical Centre, the surgery will use the GP2GP electronic transfer system to request a copy of the patients notes. Likewise, if a patient leaves our practice we will use GP2GP to transfer information electronically to the patient’s new surgery. The information is transferred in a safe and effective manner, and includes any primary or secondary care information which is in the patient’s medical records.


Patient online services

Warders Medical Centre offers the following online services to its registered patients:

  • The ability to book, view, amend, cancel and print GP appointments online (available now)
  • The ability to order repeat prescriptions for drugs, medicines or appliances online (available now)
  • The ability to access and view online any summary information derived from the patient’s medical records and any other data which the surgery has agreed that the patient may access and enable the patient to electronically export or print that information (available by 31st March 2015)