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Latest PPG Annual Report

2016/17 Patient Participation Report

Practice Name: Warders Medical Centre

Practice Code: G82059

Signed on behalf of practice:                          Date:31/03/17

Describe steps taken to ensure that the PPG is representative of the

practice population in terms of gender, age and ethnic background and

other members of the practice population:

The PPG is open to all patients of the practice. Its tries very hard to engage patients and to get them involved in the practice. There are notice boards in the practice waiting rooms which allow the PPG to promote itself. We are open to all patients within the practice and are constantly trying to recruit members. PPG leaflets have been developed and are available at all reception desks. They are also given to all new patients registering in the practice asking them to sign up to the PPG email list. There is a PPG section in the new Warders website is user friendly and should increase ease of contact.

There is an annual AGM which is well attended and informs the patient population about any development both within the practice and within the local NHS. At the last AGM efforts were made to discuss how to increased involvement in the PPG. There is PPG section in the practice newsletter which is emailed to all of the patients signed up to the Warders email.

The PPG and the practice continues to try and involve members of the practice and is working hard to increase the numbers of members on its email list.

Are there any specific characteristics of your practice population which

means that other groups should be included in the PPG? e.g. a large

student population, significant number of jobseekers, large numbers of

nursing homes, or a LGBT community? NO

  1. Review of patient feedback

Outline the sources of feedback that were reviewed during the year:

At our meetings there have been discussions about issues that have arisen and feedback from the members of the PPG. At the AGM (the most attended PPG event) there was a session in which groups were created and issues were discussed and ideas for the future of the PPG.

3.       Action plan priority areas and implementation

Priority area 1

Description of priority area:

Increase PPG membership and engage interested patients.

What actions were taken to address the priority?

Attempts were made to continue to try and increase the number of patients who have signed onto the PPG email list. Posters were developed and displayed and a noticeboard is being further developed to promote the PPG. The PPG section on the newsletter promotes the PPG and has been sent out to all patients on the practice email list when produced. Leaflets promoting the PPG have been developed and are being given out to all new patient registering with the practice and are on the reception desks.

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

Number on the PPG email list have significantly increased. The PPG continues to try to involve the patients and send emails asking for involvement in the practice and in the local NHS.

Priority area 2

Description of priority area:

Involvement with the local clinical Care Commissioning group (CCG)

What actions were taken to address the priority?

The members of the PPG committee have attended meeting with the CCGs and discussed the roles of PPGs with the CCG. Emails have been sent to PPG members requesting feedback from Warders’ patients regarding CCG schemes and services provisions in the local community.

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

Emails have been sent to patients requesting opinions on NHS issues. It has invited involvement of members of the PPG in the future of the local NHS services and will hope to help shape the future of the health service.

Priority area 3

Description of priority area:

Raising funds for a blood pressure machine in the waiting room

What actions were taken to address the priority?

After discussion with the committee it was decided to start a book sale in the reception, in order to publicise the PPG and to raise money towards a blood pressure machine. .

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

We are in the process of organising a book stall with PPG advertisement included in it.

Progress on previous years

If you have participated in this scheme for more than one year, outline progress made on issues raised in the previous year(s):

As in previous years the biggest challenge remains involving Warders’ patients in the PPG. The noticeboards, leaflets, website and promotion on the newsletter will hopefully have more impact on the numbers. Another AGM is being organised and any further issues discussed.

How has the practice engaged with the PPG

How has the practice made efforts to engage with seldom heard groups in the practice population?

The PPG advertises its meetings and regular emails are sent out. The AGM holds a very open discussion involving all the patients who had attended.

Has the practice received patient and carer feedback from a variety of sources?

Patient survey. Friends and family test. Formal complaints procedure. NHS

choices website.

Was the PPG involved in the agreement of priority areas and the

resulting action plan?

Yes, agreed with PPG at face to face meetings

How has the service offered to patients and carers improved as a

result of the implementation of the action plan?

The practice website has been updated and is now much easier to access to all Warders’ patients.

Do you have any other comments about the PPG or practice in

relation to this area of work?

The PPG will continue to engage with the patient population as best as possible to allow the patients of Warders a voice. The partners are very appreciative of all the hard work that the PPG put in on the practice’s behalf.