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Warders Patient Participation Group

(The newsletter is produced jointly by the Practice and the P. P. G)


The Warders PPG works with the doctors and other staff to improve services and promote health and quality of care. We like to encourage as many patients as possible to support the group at the four meetings a year and the AGM.

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National PPG Awareness week is the 5th to the 10th June. Visit the website for more information

National Patient Participation Week 2018



Retirement of Nurse Alison Thorn


Alison has been at the practice for 28 years and has seen many changes.

She says, “The role of the practice nurse has developed hugely over this time. Initially as nurses, we performed routine treatment type work such as dressings, immunisations
which of course we still do, but, for a number of years and with additional training, we also run specialist clinics for patients with long term chronic diseases. I specialised in Asthma COPD and heart disease and travel.

I have also been lead nurse for a number of years which involves a management role and, of course, nurse training and development. I have also helped run the local practice nurse interest group which organises meetings and speakers of interest and is a means of communication with other practice nurses.
I have seen the practice population grow enormously and staff numbers increase accordingly.

I have always been proud to be part of a practice with a high ethos, excellent care and standards, and worked with some great people. Everyone works well as an entire team, and everyone is supportive of each other, The workload has increased enormously over the years, and the pressures from government policies and changes has made life in general practice much more complex, but has greatly improved patient care.”


We all wish Alison a happy and fruitful retirement. She is looking forward to starting a new phase of her life with plans for spending more time with family and friends, travelling, gardening and voluntary work.


Are you looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle in 2018? Then why not join the ‘West Kent Challenge Couch to 5K’ which is taking place across the whole of the west Kent area? The aim of the challenge is to get people of all ages and abilities walking or running up to 5k in just twelve weeks. For those who enjoy using technology, the free One You ‘Couch to 5k’ app gives step-by-step instructions on weekly podcasts designed to get people off the couch and running in just nine weeks!

Small changes can make a huge difference to your health. Start by taking the One You online quiz.

One You aims to encourage adults, particularly those aged 40-74, to take control of their health to enjoy significant benefits now, and in later life. One You Kent offers local support and information to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The One You Kent website www.oneyoukent.org.uk


Repeat prescriptions

If you order a repeat prescription online, through your chemist or with a paper slip, please allow 72 hours for it to be completed

Chemists can treat the following conditions;


Colds, cold sores, cough                                       Headache

Conjunctivitis (acute bacterial)                         Temperature

Constipation (acute)                                         Fungal skin infections

Diarrhoea (acute)                                               Headlice

Eczema/contact dermatitis                                    Hay fever

Indigestion                                                             Insect bites and stings

Flu like symptoms                                                 Soft tissue injury

Threadworm                                                          Vaginal thrush


Emergency contraception, under 30 years


Mobile phones. Please make sure your mobile phone number is up to date for text reminders. Please ask Reception for a details update form


Booking appointments online

Each day we make some of our appointments available to be booked online. You can register at Reception to be able to do this ( You will need proof of ID for data protection purposes )

Shingles vaccine

Patients aged 70 to 78 will be invited for this vaccine. If you missed out in the last 3 years you may still be able to have it if you are in your 70s born after 1/9/42

Read more at www.nhs.uk


Continuity: help us to help you.

When you see the same doctor for an ongoing medical problem, it is easier to help you. Please ask to see the same doctor where appropriate