Warders Medical Centre

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Practice Team

Our primary health care team is comprised of many difference disciplines all working together to provide a seamless service to you.

We have a team of 12 doctors, and in addition we also have a variable number of doctors in training at differing levels of their careers.



Dr Michael Morris – GP Partner MB BS MRCGP DCH DRCOG Michael trained at St George’s in South West London. He moved to Tunbridge Wells in 1991 to complete his General Practice training in local hospitals and surgeries (including Warders!). He joined Warders in 1996 as a full time partner and has also worked regularly at the Penshurst Surgery since 2000.  He enjoys all aspects of General Practice.  Dr Morris has been a GP trainer since 2002.  He is married, with two teenage daughters.





Dr John Moore – GP Partner MBBS MRCGP DA DCH DRCOG – London 1989 John Moore joined the practice in January 1997. He completed his medical training at St Georges Hospital London and then took a further qualification in anaesthetics and neonatal intensive care before becoming a GP. He has worked at Pembury and Kent & Sussex Hospitals and has a keen interest in minor surgery. He is a member of the Medical Officers for Schools Association and is a medical officer for Tonbridge School. Dr Moore is also a GP trainer and has been training registrars since 2003.






Dr Jenny Alton – GP Partner MBBS MRCGP DFFP DRCOG – London 1991 Jenny Alton completed her medical training at King’s College School of Medicine, London. She joined the practice in July 1997, but also worked at Warders as a GP registrar during her training. Dr Alton has also worked at both of our local hospitals. She has a particular interest in women’s’ and children’s’ health issues and also dermatology. She holds the Diploma in Dermatology from University of Wales, Cardiff, and has also been a GP trainer since 2003.






Dr Graham Kirby – GP Partner MBBS MRCP MRCGP – London 1986 Graham Kirby comes from Tonbridge and was a pupil at Judd School before going to study medicine. He trained at University College London and the Middlesex Hospital, qualifying in 1986. He became a partner at the practice in August 2000, having worked here as a GP registrar. Dr Kirby has the MRCP and has been a Registrar in Cardiology.  Dr Kirby works at both Tonbridge and Penshurst surgeries. His interests outside medicine include music and he plays classical guitar.






Dr Richard Claxton – GP Partner MBBS BSc MRCPCH DRCOG MRCGP – London 1996 Richard Claxton trained at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals Medical School, qualifying in 1996. Initially he worked in South East London, specialising in paediatrics. He then completed his general practice training in the Tunbridge Wells area. Children’s health services still remain a special interest as well as family medicine. Dr Claxton is a medical officer at Tonbridge School. He is a GP trainer, and sits on the Kent Local Medical Committee.






Dr Robert Bailey – GP Partner MBBS BSc MRCGP DFSRH – London, 2005.  Dr Robert Bailey trained at Guys and St Thomas’ School of Medicine, London.  He has worked at St Thomas’ Hospital in paediatrics, psychiatry and accident and emergency and he underwent GP training in London before moving to Kent and joining Warders in 2010.  He has a particular interest in mental health.  Dr Bailey works at both Tonbridge and Penshurst surgeries.


Ravi Jumnoodoo




Dr Ravi Jumnoodoo – GP Partner MBBS MRCGP BSc – London 2007. Dr Ravi Jumnoodoo trained at King’s College School of Medicine in London. He completed his GP Training in the Kent and Sussex and Pembury Hospital. He carried out his final year as a GP Registrar at Warders between 2011-2012. Prior to returning to the Practice Dr Jumnoodoo was working in various local surgeries, and was a Partner at Coxheath.

Jess Martin




Dr Jessica Martin – GP Partner – BMBS BMedSci; DRCOG DCH MRCGP DAllergy – Nottingham 1998.
Jess Martin qualified at Nottingham in 1998 and moved to South London where she trained to become a GP and worked as a partner in Bexley until joining Warders in 2016. She has worked in the past as a clinical assistant in the dermatology department at Princess Royal University Hospital.


Dr Stephanie Whinney




Dr Stephanie Barrett – Salaried GP – MBChB DRCOG DFSRH MRCGP.  Stephanie Barrett studied medicine at the Univeristy of Birmingham and qualified in 2007.  She continued her training in general practice in the West Midlands before moving to Kent in August 2012.  Her interests are in family planning, sexual health and women’s health.






Dr Teresa Paterson – Salaried GP MBChB MRCGP DFFP DRCOG.Teresa Paterson studied Medicine at the University of Glasgow qualifying in 2003. She undertook her GP training in London and worked as a GP in South East London before joing Warders in 2014. Her interests include family planning, sexual health and teaching.


Dr Bukki Oriola




Dr Bukki Oriola – Salaried GP  MBBS MRCGP BSc. Bukki Oriola trained at St Georges Hospital Medical School in South West London graduating in 2009. She completed her GP training on the Tunbridge Wells VTS scheme in 2014, which included rotations in palliative medicine, obstetrics & gynaecology and paediatrics. She completed her registrar year at Warders Medical Centre between 2013 -2014.  Her interests outside of medicine include singing and writing poetry.

Emma Coleman




Dr Emma Coleman – Salaried GP – MBBS MRCGP, BSc.  Emma Coleman studied medicine at Guy’s Kings and St Thomas’s School of Medicine and graduated in 2007. She undertook her GP training in West Kent, before working as a GP in South East London. She joined Warders in 2015.


We strongly believe in developing the doctors of the future. We are therefore a training practice, so at times doctors called GP registrars, who have finished their hospital training and are interested in General Practice as a career will be working at Warders. They are under the guidance of one of the GP trainers Dr. Morris, Dr. Moore, Dr. Alton, Dr. Claxton, Dr Bailey or Dr Jumnoodoo.
Medical and Nursing Students or paramedics may also be working with our GPs or Practice Nurses at times you will always be informed of their presence. If you do not wish to see them please tell the receptionist, it is never a problem for them to be asked to not be present at the consultation, your confidence and confidentiality is paramount.

Our current registrars are:

Dr Alex Ramgulam

Dr Amy Wragg

Dr Monica Bhalla

Dr Yusra Mizra


Management – Practice Manager

Our Practice Manager is Wendy Fenn.

Wendy has a wealth of management experience gained over more that thirty years working within the banking, recruitment and legal fields.

Wendy has overall responsibility for all aspects of management and administration at both Tonbridge and Penshurst Surgeries.  She is helped in this role by her assistant Michele Davey.

They will be happy to help you with any administrative or non-clinical aspects of the practice.

They are also available to discuss any suggestions or complaints you may have.


Nursing Team

Nursing Team 2015


The nursing team are:

Debbie Burke (team leader), Sabra Knight, Brigid Lenanton, Carys Pugh,Isabelle Davidge and Teresa Garrett. Helen Craddock and Jan O’Hara are our Health Care Assisstants.

All our trained nurses have RGN qualifications, and are able to see patients for a large range of routine treatments and conditions including: blood pressure checks, wound dressings, injections and immunisations, ear syringes, blood tests, ECG’s cervical smears, dietary and smoking advice.

Debbie Burke has worked as a Practice Nurse at Warders for 18 years. She is experienced in Wound Management and other general clinical duties. She is the nurse lead for Diabetes care and has specialist training in Women’s Health, and Heart Disease. She also runs the Childhood Immunisations clinics

Sabra Knight is a long term member of our nursing team fulfilling general nursing duties, specialising in the management of Asthma and COPD and is our lead travel nurse.

Brigid Lenanton joined the nursing team in 2016. She is a very experienced Practice Nurse who specialises in Diabetes management as well as performing all routine clinical nursing duties. She also has experience in Family Planning and Women’s Health.

Carys Pugh also joined the team in 2016 after finishing her training. Carys has now specialised in the management of Asthma and COPD as well as training in all aspects of general practice nursing.

Isabelle Davidge joined the practice in March 2017. She is an experienced nurse with a variety of practice nurse skills. She has spent some time working within a University practice setting. She is a very welcome addition to the nursing team.
She is able to offer family planning, sexual health advice, INR monitoring and childhood immunisations as well as other routine clinical work including dressings, injections, ear irrigation, blood pressure checks and lifestyle advice.

Helen Craddock and Jan O’Hara are Health Care Assistants (HCA). This role includes phlebotomy, blood pressure monitoring, hearing tests, ECG’s, new patient checks. She is able to offer support in weight management and dietary advice, and smoking cessation.


Dispensary Team






If you live more than a mile from the nearest Pharmacy – Our Dispensary  Staff led by Joan Bayliss can dispense medications for you, from our Penshurst Dispensary.

Office Team

The Office Team 2015

Our Office team comprises ten staff – whose vital roles include registering new patients, typing referral letters, processing reports and maintaining patients records. In addition they oversee all our repeat prescribing and manage the recall systems for our Chronic Disease clinics.

For test results please call the office between 9.30am ans 12 noon by phoning 01732-770088 and selecting option 4.

Reception Staff

Reception 2015







The receptionists are here to help you. When you telephone for medical attention the receptionist may ask you for some personal details. We hope that you will not mind being asked for this information. Our receptionists make these enquiries so that the help we offer you is most appropriate. Our receptionists are available from 8.00am-6.30pm each day.